Last modified: Tuesday, May 8, 2018

What is the difference between each product?

The Basic Show Pass is ideal if you simply want to watch your horse’s rides. They will be available on the site instantly and you may watch them as often as you like for the duration of your 7-day pass.

The Premium Show Pass is ideal if you want to watch, save, share and download your rides. In addition to the features offered in the Basic Show Pass, the Premium Show Pass also includes a download credit for you to download* your favorite ride and allows you to to save your rides to your ‘My Video’ page, share links with non-subscribers for them to watch your rides for the duration of your show pass, and set up alerts to inform and send a shared link to your mailing list when your video is available to watch.

Download Credits can be purchased and spent to download individual rides. You can purchase them at any time, but you must have an active Show Pass in order to spend them. Once downloaded, the file is yours to keep - you may watch it offline or upload to social media.*

I can't find my ride!
If we are covering your ring/class and only your ride is missing, please Contact Us - we’re normally able to recover lost rides manually.

Though we pride ourselves on our close-to-perfect hit rate, we cannot guarantee that every ride will be recorded. If you are concerned, please use the search function to check that we have your ride(s) before purchasing.

Additionally, please note that we cannot cover group/under saddle/flat classes due to the difficult nature of ensuring every rider receives equal coverage.

My ride is partial or mislabeled.
We'll be adding a 'report video' button soon, but for now please Contact Us and we'll be happy to look into it for you.

Can I share my account with others?
No, your account is yours only. Please purchase a Premium Show Pass if you wish to share your videos with non-account holders for the duration of your pass, or Download Credits if you wish to send video files.

What is the difference between Sharing and Downloading?
Sharing is a feature included with the Premium Show Pass that allows you to share your videos with non-account holders. When you click Share, you will see an option to either copy the link (which can be sent on via email or chat messages) or share your link to Facebook (we will be adding other social media options soon). Shared links are only active while the owner’s Premium Show Pass is active.

Downloading a video lets you keep and watch your ride forever. When you click Download, you will be sent an email that contains a link to download your video. Anyone who has the link will be able to download your video, so if you wish to send your video to others you can simply forward the email. After downloading, you can also share your ride to social media permanently by uploading your video directly to any social media platform that allows video uploads.*

*Please note that due to Apple’s limitations, downloading is difficult to achieve on iPhones and iPads without the use of an additional app such as Dropbox. For this reason we recommend you use an Android device or a PC/Apple computer if you wish to download (rather than share) your ride.